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I’m against abortion. I think it’s murder, and I think those who perform abortions will be called to account for their actions…

… in front of God. Not man.

Killing an abortion doctor, for whatever reason, is wrong.


Quick, can you think of a time in the New Testament when God told his disciples to go forth and kill in His name?

Me neither.

And spiritual reasons aside, murdering your opponents in church is not the way to get people to follow your cause.

Whoever committed this murder did more to harm the pro-life cause than Planned Parenthood could ever dream of. 

Pray hard. We need it.

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May 31st, 2009 by exurbankevin

Saturday Movie Blogging – The Ladykillers

Thanks to the lovely Mrs. ExKev for turning me on to this wonderful little BritCom (horribly re-done by the Coen Brothers in one of their few misfires).

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May 30th, 2009 by exurbankevin

Nancy State.

Our simian pals received a well-deserved Instalanche this morning. Let’s see if they can withstand the fearsome power of an Exurbalanche.

Over at Infinite Monkeys, Ben chronicles Stretch Pelosi’s slouch toward Tiananmen:

Pelosi didn’t use the exact phrase, “government tyranny is essential.” That would be crazy! But greater government tyranny would be the necessary outcome if her policy prescriptions and those of her compatriots in Congress should come to pass.

Here’s what Pelosi did say on Thursday to a complaisant audience of nodding bureaucrats, budding Communist Party courtiers and sundry lackeys of the regime at Tsinghua University: “I do see this opportunity for climate change to be … a game-changer. It’s a place where human rights — looking out for the needs of the poor in terms of climate change and healthy environment — are a human right.” (Read that again: “It’s a place where human rights… are a human right.” Tautology, anyone?)

“We have so much room for improvement,” Pelosi added to a student interlocutor who asked how she, The First Woman Speaker of the House(TM), would prod Americans to cut back on their carbon emissions. “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory … of how we are taking responsibility.”

As Jonah Goldberg wrote in Liberal Fascism, the Left “may have replaced the fist with the hug, but an unwanted embrace from which you cannot escape is just a nicer form of tyranny.”

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May 29th, 2009 by admindude

Obama’s ‘Looney Tunes’ North Korean policy.

After years of strongly-worded letters, emergency conferences, strict sanctions and even more strongly-worded letters, North Korea is still rattling its radioactive saber.

Earlier today, their diminutive despot launched yet another “test” missile, this being the sixth since Monday’s nuclear test. While the world wonders if Obama will ever respond to these increasingly dangerous provocations, Exurban League has found the administration’s training video on dealing with rogue nations:

Hope there’s a big cartoon cliff at the end of our situation too. But I’d rather not bank the fate of the world on it.

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May 29th, 2009 by admindude

Robert Gibbs, supergenius.


 “Tell me about the rabbits, George.
 Do I still get to tend the rabbits?”

Earlier this week, Obama’s sneering, thick-tongued, slow-witted spokesweasel Robert Gibbs decided to take on the British press with his singular charm and grace. Let’s just say Fleet Street isn’t taking it lying down.

Memo to US Press secretary Robert Gibbs

1. Congratulations. Your presidential regime has managed to secure the most supine, slobbering, spineless, unquestioning media coverage since Enver Hoxha’s Albania. A report last month by the Center for Media and Public Affairs said Obama has received more coverage than his two predecessors combined. On ABC, CBS and NBC news the majority of evaluations – 58 per cent – have been favourable. (Compare GW Bush – 33 per cent; Bill Clinton 44 per cent – in first 50 days of office). More importantly, you have Pravda. Yes, no less than 73 per cent of all evaluative comments in your chief propaganda organ – aka The New York Times – have been favourable to Obama.

2. Sure your congenitally libtard Mainstream Media were probably biased that way anyway, but you have played your part. Your combative style – which led you to dismiss the entire British print media just now in one glib, sneering phrase – has earned you the nickname “The Enforcer.” You have a reputation for coming down hard on any media outlet which doesn’t follow your approved version of reality. “I work the referee a little bit,” as you once put it. (A reference, perhaps, to when you played goalkeeper for your college football team).

Keep reading. It starts getting harsh around point four. And he offers the following warning to Scott McLellan, Jr.: “just you wait till we start showing our teeth.”

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May 29th, 2009 by admindude

Shooting Goals

Inspired by Caleb’s list of what he wants to accomplish in the shooting sports, here’s my goals for the next 12 months:

  • Advance to USPSA “C” Class
    Quite do-able, actually, as long as I…
  • Dry-fire practice at least 15 minutes every night.
    Because I don’t have the rounds or primers to put in much range time these days.
  • Compete at least once a month.
    Tuesday Night Steel, USPSA, IDPA, whatever.
  • Lose 15 pounds. Yes, this is related.
    I need to get into better shape because running around and shooting things is easier if you’re in good condition.
  • Start shooting Practical Rifle.
    I gots the evil black rifle for it, why not?
  • Compete in two major matches.
    Probably the Desert Classic and Superstition Mountain 3-Gun (If I can beg a shotgun off of someone).
  • Take a tactical skills course unelated to competition.
    It doesn’t need to be a Gunsite class, but I would like more training for real-world encounters.
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May 29th, 2009 by exurbankevin

Mad Men on the Potomac.

In his latest episode of Silicon Graffiti, Ed Driscoll tackles two subjects near and dear to ExLg, advertising and politics. Enjoy:

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May 28th, 2009 by admindude

Thursday Music Blogging – The Buzzcocks

Go ahead, get up from your desk and do a little slam-dancing. No one’s watching.

Well, nobody important, that is. I mean *really* important.

And if they don’t “get” the Buzzcocks, their opinion doesn’t matter anyways.

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May 28th, 2009 by exurbankevin

HOA picks fight with the wrong Marine.

Today’s “Outrage of the Day” comes from Dallas:

Frank Larison is a disabled veteran with more than 14 years of service, including more than a year of combat duty in Vietnam.

The 58-year-old former Marine now finds himself under attack by his Dallas homeowners association for displaying seven decals on his vehicle supporting the Marine Corps.

“To me, it’s being patriotic, and it shows that I served,” the veteran told FOX 4.

The board says the decals are advertisements that violate HOA rules, and must be covered or removed.

Otherwise, the homeowners association for The Woodlands II on The Creek — where Larimore has lived for eight years — says in a letter it will tow the car at Larimore’s expense. The board also threatens to fine him $50 for any future incident.

Here’s the local news station’s report on the issue:

I’m thinking that The Woodlands II on The Creek will be suffering from molten phone lines today.

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May 28th, 2009 by admindude

Let Us Now Praise Trash TV

I’ll admit it: I love Wipeout.

It’s stupid, moronic, and lowest common denominator television at it’s absolute worst.

It’s also one of the few network shows my pre-school boys can watch and enjoy along right along with me.

Look, we can’t listen to Handel and read Shakespeare every day of the week, ok?

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May 28th, 2009 by exurbankevin