Planning on coming to the NRA Convention in May?

Jim Neff, NRA Senior Training Counselor, owner of Generations Firearm Training and Chief Instructor at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club has a few tips for those of you who might want to carry your sidearm with you while you’re here.

Gun carry in Arizona.

I would like to welcome our visitors from other states during the NRA National Convention. These are some quick laws for those who are visiting us. I can’t list all the statutes covering Arizona’s right to carry but here are a few of the ones I think might help our visitors.

Arizona is a right to carry state. Anyone who can legally own a gun may carry a handgun “open “. This means it is clearly visible and puts others on notice you are carrying a gun. Carrying “concealed” means carrying a weapon on your person in such a manner that “it is hidden from ordinary observation” or “ordinary sight”.  Arizona recognizes all other states CCW permits.

While carrying a gun…
1.You cannot enter an establishment that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises.
2.You cannot enter an establishment that’s posted no weapons allowed.
3.If you are asked to leave an establishment or remove your gun you must comply even if it’s not posted.
4.You can only use deadly force against unlawful deadly force.
5.There is no duty to retreat.
6.You are not required to inform a police officer you are carrying a weapon unless you are asked, although it is strongly advised to volunteer the information.
Please enjoy your stay in Arizona and enjoy the freedoms some others in the U.S. don’t get to enjoy.
Be Safe. Have Fun
Generations Firearm Training LLC

This posting is to be considered as a guideline and not a direct legal opinion. If you have concerns, please contact an attorney.

Thanks, Jim.

Now, what to do when you’re here in Phoenix.

Plan on spending an extra day in the area before or after the convention. Phoenix is a great town, but most of the unique tourist opportunities around here aren’t in Phoenix itself, although a trip to the  Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, Desert Botanical Gardens or Superstition Mountains to look for the Lost Dutchman Mine would be definitely worth your while.

A day’s drive outside of Phoenix, though, takes you into Sedona, one of the prettiest places in a state chock-full of beautiful landscapes, and my favorite day trip (Wickenburg via US60 to Prescott via US89 then back to Phoenix) is also a day’s journey from Phoenix. Be sure to stop at Whiskey Row for some grub and refreshments along the way.

South of here is the Old Pueblo, Tucson, with it’s famous movie studio (yes, that is the church from the opening scene of Tombstone). And speaking of Tombstone, it’s only a few hours away from Phoenix, as is the wonders of the Kartchner Caverns.  There’s the cool pines of Payson for those who want to get away, or the Casa Grande to the south, with it’s imposing indian ruins or the north, there’s Montezuma’s Castle and the laid-back lifestyle of Flagstaff.

But all of that is more or less a day there and back. As I said, Phoenix is a lot of fun, but most of the fun is a half-day away.

Now, if you’re into golf, you’ll LOVE Phoenix. We’ve got a lot of great courses (including one of the top-rated municipal courses in the world), and tee times will be easy to get in May once most of the snowbirds have left.

If you want to get in some trigger time while you’re here, we have one of the best ranges in the country, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in north Phoenix, along with two other excellent outdoor ranges, Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club and the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. We also have three indoor ranges, the Scottsdale Gun Club, Shooter’s World over on the West Side, and Caswell’s in Mesa. I’ve shot at all of these, and all have great facilities and professional, courteous staff.

But I’m partial to Rio, ’cause that’s my home range.

The convention will be held in the newly-revamped Phoenix Convention Center, and it’s close to some great restaurants and entertainment options. There’s an AMC theater multi-plex nearby, and for eating, there’s Majerle’s (owned by a former Phoenix Sun), Alice Cooperstown (A rock’n’roll-themed restaurant owned by Alice himself), a Friday’s that’s built right into the home field of the Arizona Diamondbacks, plus scores of other restaurants and bars downtown. Keep in mind, though, that if it’s got a liquor license, you’ll have to leave your gun behind.

Shopping options abound. Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Biltmore Fashion Park offer upscale, elegant shopping, and there’s plenty of other malls and shops and art stores to explore. Old Town Scottsdale, with it’s heritage of western art and indian jewelry, would be another good way to spend a lazy afternoon.

You’ll also be coming to the epicenter of Sonoran Mexican cuisine, so be prepared to chow down on chimichangas, flautas, carne asada (¡ricisimás!) and my fav, chiles rellenos, accompanied with some Tecate and Negro Modelo, of course. (BTW, if you’re into craft beer, Four Peaks Brewery makes some darn good stuff, include their award-winning Kiltlifter Scottish Ale and a darn fine peach beer. And I hate most fruit beers. But this one’s good. REALLY good. I digress.). For steaks, there’s Monti’s La Casa Vieja, Rustler’s Roost or the sweeping views of Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse. And I’d be remiss if I failed to mention Los Dos Molinos, a favorite of ExurbanJon and home to some best (and hottest) New Mexican-style food you’ll ever have.

Bring your camera, bring your shooting iron (If you want), and bring your appetite. And be prepared to have a good time.

Phoenix-area readers: What did I miss?

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February 28th, 2009 by admindude

Saturday Movie Blogging – Bringing Up Baby

Yes, Katherine Hepburn could do comedy. And yes, she was very, very good at it.

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February 28th, 2009 by admindude

And it’ll happen every day, he promises

President Obama today announced he would push for greater energy conservation and ease the financial strain on working families by causing the Sun to rise each morning.

Under… my new plan… uhhh… millions of hard-working Americans will be able to light their homes for free, sun-up to sun-down, at no additional cost to… uhhhh… anyone making under $250,000 a year, simply by taking advantage of the free light from the Sun.

Some Republicans decried the initiative, claiming that it bore a striking resemblance to Obama’s plan to save money in the federal budget by withdrawing troops from Iraq that everybody knew were coming home anyways.

However, other conservatives applauded the effort.

Kathleen Parker gushes “I knew Obama was thinking about something like this when I flew on Air Force One with him. He would sit in his chair for hours, just staring out the window, looking off into the sunset. Now I know what he was thinking about, and I support his audacious plan to help us achieve energy independence. He’s just SO dreamy.”

Christopher Buckley comments that, “My dad loved the ocean and the open sky, so I have no doubt he would have liked this idea”, while Andrew Sullivan was buried under a 5 foot pile of birth records from Alaskan hospitals and unavailable for comment.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

Proving yet again that the pen is indeed mightier than the… pen?

How to turn a Sharpie into a liquid-fuel rocket.

This is just the sort of thing I would have done in high school.

And by “high school”, I mean, “sometime last week, had I known about it.”

Via Lifehacker.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

Still miss you, Johnny

Dr. Zaius reminds us that The Man In Black would have been 78 today.

Here’s Johnny performing “Ring of Fire” in 1963.

And just to show that a great song can be done in many different ways and still be good, here’s Dwight Yoakam’s cover.

And Social Distortion’s rockin’ version.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

Just a reminder

All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date. All of them.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

Stay in the loop

Are you following your elected representatives on Twitter? Why not?

Here’s mine:

Senator John McCain

Senator Jon Kyl

Rep. Jeff Flake

And surprisingly, Jan Brewer, our new Governor (Governess?) doesn’t have a Twitter account yet. I guess she’s too busy dealing with the mess her predecessor left her to worry about such things.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

Well, you see, Tuco, there are two kinds of people in this world,

Those who score themselves as Cowboys on silly internet personality quizzes, and those who don’t.

You, don’t.

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February 27th, 2009 by admindude

What were they thinking?

Attorney General Eric (“I can pardon you wholesale!“) Holder has announced the Obama administration wants to ban “assault weapons” in the U.S. due to violence in Mexico.

Mexico is in turmoil, and Obama wants to end it by imposing more restrictions on Americans.

No, I don’t get that either.

First off, in the years since the last assault weapons ban expired, the streets haven’t run red with blood, as the fear-mongers would tell us.

Secondly, the first AWB was enacted, in part, due to a horrific shooting by a madman on American soil. Call me cynical (“You’re cynical!” – ed.), but I can’t see the voting public getting too worked up about violence in Mexico, especially since there are alternative ways to stop smuggling in and out of Mexico. Does that suck for Mexico? You betcha. And how I wish things were different there, as it’s a country near (literally!) and dear to my heart. But the fact remains that the military weapons the drug gangs are using come from, of all places, the Mexican military and not legal U.S. sources. No matter how hard you try, you cannot purchase a working M72 LAW rocket in a U.S. gunshop. Not that I’ve tried. Much.

Thirdly, “assault weapons” bans restrict guns on how they look and where they come from, not what they actually do. If you do that to people, it’s called discrimination. If you do it to guns, it’s called “fighting crime”.

It always amazes me that people who recoil in horror at thought of banning inanimate objects like books or music because (according to them), they have no influence on a person’s behaviour turn right around and advocate banning another inanimate object (guns) because the mere possession of said items turns a person into a bloodthirsty spree killer.

The good news is there’s little chance any assault weapons ban will make it out of the Senate. I may not agree with Jim Webb on everything, but it’s Blue Dog Democrats like him who hold the keys to the Second Amendment in the current political scene.

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February 26th, 2009 by admindude

Canada invades Texas!

Obviously, this a reprisal for sending Dubya up to Canada.

I’ll take Canada and the points.

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February 25th, 2009 by admindude