Smoke and mirrors

October 31, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Kevin, Politics.

Is Arizona in play? Will Obama’s wave of new elation wash across the state, insuring the Kwisatz Haderach a 50-state victory this Tuesday?

In a word, no. In two words, Hell, no.

Democrats voting early this year have closed the gap against
Republicans in traditionally GOP-leaning Maricopa County, but not
enough to drastically shake up the dynamics in next week’s elections,
according to the latest voting numbers from the county recorder’s

Republicans, who hold a lopsided registration advantage over
Democrats, are maintaining that proportional edge based on the number
of early ballots that have been mailed out, and the number that have
been returned.

Obama needs a dispirited, downtrodden opposition in order to win: He’s never had to fight a close election in his life, and he’s doing his best to make it seem that resistance to his coronation is futile.

Is it over? No. Nothing is over until WE say it’s over.

3 comments on “Smoke and mirrors

  1. If the left buys ASU’s polling, they are going to be shocked and awed next Tuesday.

  2. Calvin Dodge says:

    I’m happy that Obama is airing these ads here. The more money he wastes on ego-gratification, the less he has to spend in the battleground states.

  3. John Moore says:

    Which of course leads me to wonder… why do we have a popular Democrat governor? This state is weird.