Quote of the Day, 10/31.

“Obama is intelligent, charming, good-looking, stylish, well-educated and slick. He’s everything that other people who value such surfaces look for… not in a leader, but in an icon. And that’s what they’re buying by buying Obama, an icon. A glowing plastic post-modern Jesus for the dashboard of their Prius.”
   — Gerard Vanderleun, American Digest.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

‘Here I Rhyme’

Halloween? Meh. National Review‘s Mark Hemingway reminds us that Oct. 31 is also Reformation Day. To honor Martin Luther’s bold action 491 years ago today, a special rap video:

Oh snap, he’s messin’ with the holy communion.

But I ain’t never dissed your precious hypostatic union!

One place at one time. Well, thank you Zwingli.

Yeah, way to disregard that whole “I’m God” thingy!

Nice to see the Zwingster get a shout-out. That boy rocked.

BTW, visit Old Lutheran for your “Here I Stand” socks, “Sin Boldly” homebrew labels and other essential Reformation Day goods. Sadly, they seem to have discontinued their bobblehead Martin Luther doll; good thing I got mine in time.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

We few, we happy few

The money quote from the Battle of Agincourt entry in Wikipedia ExJon linked to below:

The French believed they would triumph over the English not only
because their force was considerably larger, fresher and better
equipped, but also because the large number of noble men-at-arms would
have considered themselves superior to the large number of commoners
(such as the longbowmen) in the English army.

It seems the elites of world have always misunderestimated the power of we bitter people when we cling to our guns bows and religion…

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

That’s not the cavalry coming to the rescue, that’s The Charge of the Light Brigade

And if you’re thinking that o’erwhelming numbers of young voters will sweep Obama into power on Tuesday, remember this: The original Obama girl, Amber Leee Ettinger, didn’t vote in the primaries because she needed a day to recover from an arduous and heart-wrenching cross-country plane flight.

Because nothing wipes you out faster than flying *coach*. With all those, you know, people right next to you. With their babies and everything. Ewwwww…

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

Friday Music Blogging… kinda.

With the long odds given the GOP by pollsters and the MSM, it is time to shock the world. Instead of my normal Friday video, I wanted to share inspiration with the music. With an outstanding soundtrack by Sir Patrick Doyle, Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V offers the greatest motivational speech of all time.

The King looks upon his tiny contingent of bedraggled soldiers as they prepare to face the royal French army. Outnumbered ten-to-one by a fresh, confident army, no one gave the British a chance. So Henry offers his men some perspective.

How did it end? The good guys shocked the world in an epic rout.

Allow me to update Shakespeare’s text for our current situation:

The party elites who abandoned the field

Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,

And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

That fought with us this election day.

I hear Sarahcuda’s pretty good with a longbow.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

Of the lawyers, by the lawyers, for the lawyers.

I’ve often wondered what
bug-eyed Bob has been
up to.

You didn’t think this interminable election was ending Tuesday, did you?

On Tuesday, an estimated 5,000 lawyers and law students supporting Obama will fan out across Florida to monitor polling sites and assist voters, especially in minority, elderly and heavily Democratic precincts. The volunteers supporting Obama will be wearing baseball caps tinted Democratic blue.

“The object is to make sure that every voter, Republican and Democrat alike, who shows up at the polls on Election Day is able to vote,” said Broward attorney Charles Lichtman, in charge of Florida Democrats’ legal effort. “We’re there to problem-solve, not to litigate.”

Republican lawyers, though gearing up more discreetly, say they will have poll watchers — 500 in Broward alone — to act as their campaign’s “eyes and ears” and report irregularities to party headquarters.

Already the legal squabbling has begun, with Republicans complaining the high-profile Democratic presence may intimidate or confuse some voters.

“The best thing would be if they would just get out of the staff’s way and let them do their job, instead of trying to turn the polling place into a courtroom,” said Hayden Dempsey, the Tallahassee-based chairman of Lawyers for McCain in Florida.

Republicans also object that the Democrats’ headgear, which says “Florida Voting Rights Attorney,” could leave the mistaken impression that they are officials.

If you’re a military member in the Sunshine State, you better make SURE your vote is counted this time.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

Smoke and mirrors

Is Arizona in play? Will Obama’s wave of new elation wash across the state, insuring the Kwisatz Haderach a 50-state victory this Tuesday?

In a word, no. In two words, Hell, no.

Democrats voting early this year have closed the gap against
Republicans in traditionally GOP-leaning Maricopa County, but not
enough to drastically shake up the dynamics in next week’s elections,
according to the latest voting numbers from the county recorder’s

Republicans, who hold a lopsided registration advantage over
Democrats, are maintaining that proportional edge based on the number
of early ballots that have been mailed out, and the number that have
been returned.

Obama needs a dispirited, downtrodden opposition in order to win: He’s never had to fight a close election in his life, and he’s doing his best to make it seem that resistance to his coronation is futile.

Is it over? No. Nothing is over until WE say it’s over.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

Free training

Bond’s left hand was a little low on his SiG in that earlier post, so here’s IPSC World Champion Todd Jarrett giving a short lesson on how to hold a pistol for maximum control and accuracy.

Just remember: The more that your hands are on the gun, the more control you’ll have over the gun.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

Mixed blessings

It’s been quite a week for former Democratic Presidential candidate and Breck shampoo spokeperson John Edwards: First, it looks like his marriage with his cancer-stricken wife has reached it’s logical end, leaving Mr. Edwards free to carry on with the woman pre-op transvestite of his dreams, documentary film director Reille Hunter.

But on the down side, his favorite magazine is cutting back publication to just twice a year.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.

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October 31st, 2008 by admindude

‘You followin’ me camera guy?’

The only way I would have watched Obama’s infomercial is if it was hosted by this guy.

“He’ll work with da House, da Senate, no udder pol’s gonna do dat. He spoke in Germany. You know dey like good fluff!'”

Forget Obama. Vince is the great orator of our age.

UPDATE: The “King of Infomercials” rules ObamaWow to be a miserable failure:

AJ Khubani, successful entrepreneur and “The King of the Infomercial,” was highly critical of Barack Obama’s 30-minute broadcast Wednesday evening, calling it a “missed opportunity” that offered “no real solutions” and was “full of fluff.”

And, for good measure, Khubani said in reaction to reports that Obama paid about $3 million to produce the spot: “He grossly overpaid.”

Khubani, founder of TeleBrands, knows exactly what a successful infomercial should include — after all his “As Seen on TV” company has sold billions of dollars worth of products in the past 25 years.

“Overall, I thought it was mediocre at best and just a missed opportunity for Obama to connect with voters prior to the election,” Khubani said. “He spent a lot of time presenting the problems and very little time on solutions.”

Billy Mays was unavailable for comment.

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October 30th, 2008 by admindude