Uh-oh. Trippi figured it out.

August 31, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Jon, Politics.

Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean and John Edwards,
just figured out what McCain was doing with the Palin choice.

Don’t LOL. Palin Pick Is About Taking On Washington — Not About Gender

I have seen a lot of commentary on why John McCain’s pick of Alaska
Governor Sarah Palin is a cynical and transparent ploy to bring
disaffected women who supported Hillary Clinton to his cause – and why
this ploy would fail.

But I don’t think John McCain and the people around him are that stupid…

The McCain campaign plans on making an assault on Barack Obama’s
strength as a change agent. And challenge, what the McCain campaign
will describe as, Obama’s weak or non-existent attacks on corruption
within the Democratic party and other institutions throughout his

The McCain/Palin duo will challenge Barack Obama’s claim of “a new
kind of politics” and chastise Obama and Democratic Vice Presidential
Nominee, Joe Biden, for their “silence” in taking on corruption in
their own party in Illinois, Delaware and Washington, DC.

Read the whole thing. I just hope that the Obama campaign is too arrogant to take Trippi’s advice.

One comment on “Uh-oh. Trippi figured it out.

  1. nyexpat says:

    Personally, everything I have seen or heard about Obama indicates a man of stunning arrogance. He probably thinks of the Presidency as some kind of divine right or manifest destiny. I’d be surprised if he gets it any time before November.