Sarah the Riveter.

August 29, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Jon, Politics.

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  1. Vox says:

    Cafe Press anytime soon?

  2. Xyooper says:

    I am convinced Sarah Palin has been anointed by Paarvo Usilantti et al. Hunter? Fisher? Husband a snowmachine racer? Holy eff.
    I was ‘in’ but now feel “good” about the vote in November. I hope she’s a rock in the debates and can/will keep it ‘real’ on the national political battlefield.

  3. Exurban Jon says:

    She definitely ranks as an honorary suomalainen, doesn’t she? And hailing from cold Wasilla (I’ve been there), I’m sure she knows her way around a sauna. When the Coming Finnish Hegemony arrives, we will treat her well.

  4. Exurbankevin says:

    Sorry Jon, but she’s a hockey mom.

    Ergo, she’s at least half Canadian right there.

  5. Queen1 says:

    If Sarah Palin weren’t a conservative, the Queens would hate her! She is the ultimate guy’s gal. Wouldn’t you love to have her over for a party? She makes Biden and Obama look like the effete pussies they are. Wow. Just wow. Looking at her, you just know they have a good time in bed (whereas Obama and Michelle…maybe not so much).

    Here’s what I put on my blog:

    She’s the kind of woman who makes the rest of us look bad. Beautiful (as someone on The Corner put it, she has that naughty librarian thing going.) Great hair (although she will need a different do for the national scene). She even looks sexy in glasses. And she is a guy’s gal. Hunts, fishes, rides large all-terrain vehicles, knows where to put the bullets in a gun, probably drinks Bud (and not Light, either). Still looks great in a skirt (have we ever SEEN Hillary in a skirt?) and is a natural with the kids. Her smile reaches her eyes; she just looks happy. Looking at her, I have brief spells of high school feelings of utter inadequacy. Really glad she’s a conservative (but of course she is—by definition such a woman has to be).

  6. Nick says:

    C’mon, refrigerator magnets? Bumper stickers?

    Let’s go!

    An apron doesn’t spread the message.

  7. Calvin Dodge says:

    Giving credit where credit is due – The Corner was quoting Craig Ferguson (search Youtube for “Naughty Alaskan Librarian”)

  8. Patricia Durel says:

    This is my first time here and I’m enjoying myself thoroughly! I especially love Rosie the Riveter’s support of McCain-Palin. It speaks volumes. So, I went to Cafe Press to see what it is available in — and was so disappointed there were no bumper stickers. PLEASE, PLEASE, we need it on a bumper sticker above all! I so want to put this on my car. Again, PLEASE!!! Thanks so much.

  9. Exurban Jon says:

    Nick and Patricia,

    I just uploaded the design as a button, sticker and a magnet. Due to the dimensions, the sticker will have excess white on the top and bottom, but you can trim that right off.


  10. Exurban Jon says:

    Hmm. Looks like they created theirs a few hours after ours was online.

  11. suze says:

    what a load of slobbery treacle. this palin chick was irresponsible for accepting the nod, she’s not even qualified to be governor, what a freakin joke.

  12. Exurban Jon says:

    What a refreshing blast of Hope and Optimism! You must be an Obama supporter!

  13. Queen1 says:

    She’s evidently done quite well as governor so far. She’s accomplished quite a bit just bucking the Repub establishment. You must be new here. Most of us around here would rather have Mr. Ed as president than Barry bin Baden.

  14. MichelleK says:

    Pity she is such a terrible mother. As a mother of a Down’s syndrome baby who she is going to leave to an aide, not exactly my hero.

  15. Exurban Jon says:

    Hate speech so early in the morning?

    (Why are Obama fans so mean and miserable lately?)

  16. ExUrbanKevin says:




  17. Alfonzo says:

    John McCain and Sarah Palin recently paid Albuquerque, NM a visit. I am an Idependent and My vote will go to Republican Party. FYI, I saw this great version of Palin/Rosie poster at

  18. hk says:

    During WWII women were finally allowed to do “men’s” work without being stigmatized or harassed and were actually encouraged to through propaganda like Rosie the Riveter posters. After WWII women in traditionally male jobs were pushed out because the men were back from war and “deserved” the jobs. Ever since, it has been a struggle to get women accepted in male-dominated fields – they are socialized to not want those jobs, harassed when they get there, paid less, etc. There are so few women in politics that I can see where you are coming from by thinking Palin is like Rosie. But unlike Palin, I think Rosie would want all women to have rights. I’m also sad to say that I CANNOT put my support behind McCain/Palin because they want to limit women’s rights, not improve them. For just one example, Palin talks about things like women in the workforce but look at McCain’s voting record – he votes against equal pay measures for women. How can she be out there pretending to be supporting women’s interests when they think it’s okay to pay women less than men? Palin lives a very privileged life and so she doesn’t seem to care about the rights of other women.

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