Really, really energized

August 29, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Kevin, Politics.

Did I mention the base was excited over the VP pick?

Evangelicals are ga-ga for her.

Tony Perkins, head of The Family Research Council:

Senator McCain made an outstanding pick from the choices that were
on the table. Sarah Palin clearly addresses the issues so many
conservatives are concerned about. It balances out the ticket. She’s
also really a checkmate for the Democratic Party because folks who were
looking to make history for Barack Obama can make history by voting for
John McCain in seeing the first woman elected to the vice-presidency.
It was a very strategic move by John McCain.

Crunchy Con author (and noted Bush-hater) Rod Dreher:

Call me a big old sap, but looking at that Palin family, including little Trig Palin, the Down syndrome baby that Sarah Palin could have aborted, but chose to welcome into this world in April, brings me to tears. I’m more impressed by this pick now than I was one hour ago. What a fascinating race we’re going to have this fall.

And as ExUrbanLeague’s resident gun nut shooting sports enthusiast, I can tell you gun owners are loving her outdooors background, perfect track record with the NRA and her love of mooseburgers.

Looks like she’s got the bitter, clingy vote all wrapped up.

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