And in other election news,

August 29, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Canada, Kevin, Politics.

For the first time in my lifetime since I moved here, the Conservatives are leading in Quebec.

This is roughly equivalent to, oh, the GOP being the choice of Berkley, Greenwich Village and Boston’s Back Bay. Look for Harper to call an election and wipe the floor with the BQ and Liberals.

I knew we had a storm here last night, but I wasn’t expecting to see pigs flying…

3 comments on “And in other election news,

  1. Anonymous Mike says:


    I know you are a good looking man but based on your comment alone I would have to put your age at about 18 or so However I know you are slightly older than that so I will have to put you to correction.

    The Tories mopped up in Quebec under Mulroony and only collapsed when the BQ was formed after the failure of Mech Lake

  2. ExUrbanKevin says:

    You’re right. I was down here at the time, so I forgot.

  3. Winter Mead says:

    You spelled Berkeley wrong. That is… if you were referring to Berkeley, California. Look it up.