Digging for Foer.

October 26, 2007 | By admindude | Filed in: Jon, MSM and New Media, Politics.

While Pvt. Scott Beauchamp moves on with his life, Franklin Foer continues digging the hole deeper. To help readers better understand The New Republic editorial position, we offer an infographic showing Editor-in-Chief Foer’s current status:
Jonah-lanche. Thanks to the first blogger I ever read!

UPDATE (later): And Ed Driscoll and Ace and Hot Air and Cap’n Ed and Insty and many other fine blogs — thanks all! As long as you’re here, might as well look around the joint.

UPDATE (even later): Exurban League has released an important update concerning questions about the accuracy of the above infographic. Read here.

23 comments on “Digging for Foer.

  1. chaika says:

    That’s deep.

  2. dkkeaphf says:

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  3. Joseph McNulty says:

    The strategy seems to be to simply out-wait the critics, hoping that the whole matter will be forgotten (and defended) as an arcane “dispute” caused by rightwing websites. Whether it was strictly speaking “true” is beside the point since we are all repulsed by the horror of the Iraq War. Coming clean is (1) too humiliating for the “left” and (2) past the date when it could have been done with repairable damage. We are going into a presidential campaign in which Iraq is becoming less of an issue, and the hope is that this will be forgotten. It is very important to maintain the fiction that Beauchamp was somehow “pressured to recant” by the Army. Those articles fall in Dan Rather’s “fake, but true” category. “The New Republic,” rather than being a national asset, with the rise of the blogosphere is now just a “partisan voice,” one among many. To the left, it is more important to wage a vicious idealogical battle with the right than to be factual.

  4. toxdoc says:

    While the fellow on the left would surely be an ass, neither are mules.

  5. Mike says:

    Sorry old man but that is not a mule but a horse. You city boys should stop labeling things about which you know not. Otherwise, LOL.

  6. richard mcenroe says:

    Technically, it’s a pit pony…

  7. Ol' Kicker says:

    As a former geology major, I approve of this message.

  8. Exurban Jon says:

    Toxdoc and Richard: Thanks for the correction! Unfortunately, ExLg doesn’t have the fact-checking resources of a major liberal opinion magazine.

    Although I did receive a résumé from someone named Elspeth something-or-other…

  9. David in San Diego says:

    Was Franklin Foer separated at birth from Radar O’Reilly of MASH?, If so, Franklin got the short end of the clairvoyant stick.

  10. redherkey says:

    I’m curious if anyone can think of another institutional PR fiasco that was successfully resolved by stonewalling and “waiting out” the critics.

    TNR’s misconduct is beyond negligent; there was little cost for Foer to acknowledge the story was a fraud and their editors disregarded fact checking. Terminate a few slackers, tighten up submissions policy and you’re back on track.

    Instead, TNR’s brand is seriously diminished. It’s little more than Mad Magazine for the Left. As a libertarian who’s disgusted with most of the right’s financial mismanagement, I’d be horrified to be caught holding a TNR issue as it just says I’m someone who really doesn’t know or care where my news came from. It’s like buying the no-name hot dogs with “mostly meat” or eating food out of the trash can – the news you consume says a lot about you. This is the very reason Air America can’t get anyone to listen to it. I mean really, do /you/ want any of your friends to know you listen to that garbage?

  11. David says:

    “I’m curious if anyone can think of another institutional PR fiasco that was successfully resolved by stonewalling and “waiting out” the critics.”

    One recent example is the dreadful reporting by the New York Times on the Duke rape accusation scandal. At the beginning of the scandal, their reporter was giving both sides of the issue. So, they replaced him with reporters who made the Lacrosse players sound guilty, in article after article, even after the hoax was essentially exposed.

    Although KC Johnson’s blog and the book that he and Stuart Taylor co-wrote explained the Times’s misreporting in great detail, the Times Public Editor gave them a pass. The Times ignored the criticism and the the issue went away.

  12. Robert says:

    When will this break through to the newspapers and channels? The evidence is nearly overwhelming online but this is nowhere in the ‘papers’.

  13. Clioman says:

    What’s the big deal? I stopped reading TNR when I was in high school. And that’s about the last time that TNR made its owners any money.

  14. willem says:

    Yep. The Ring of Fire. I think I hear the trumpets of Johnny Cash.

  15. RTRiley says:

    Best thing I’ve seen in the ‘sphere since Scrappleface’s “Axis of Weazles.”

  16. O-Dub says:

    Isn’t Foer digging from Washington, D.C., not Manhatten? Other than that, excellent!

  17. redherkey says:

    “One recent example is the dreadful reporting by the New York Times on the Duke rape accusation scandal”

    Actually, I said ‘successfully’ resolved. Since the conclusion of the Duke fake-rape reporting at the NYTimes, it has seen one of its largest institutional investors flee and has had its stock sink to levels where many think it cannot stabilize now.

    Its financial decline is picking up pace, and its had further meltdowns such as providing “special” (illegal campaign contribution) discounted rates for favored liberal organizations while refusing conservative advertisements (unless caught).

    It’s all predicated on the same progressive principle: consume other peoples money to promote ideologies that allow you to steal even more money and extend your life as a parasite. Whether you’re a talentless trust-fund baby like Pinch or DC Congressman, the game’s the same. Democrat: human parasite.

  18. paul says:

    TNR circulation is about 50,000.

    The Ohio State student paper has a bigger readership.

    Left to their own devices, and lack of crediblity, they will dissappear on their own.

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