Make me an instrument.

Last night I ran across this way cool instrumental featuring a hammered dulcimer, bodhrán and drumsticks (no drums, just a bunch of sticks!) by the late Christian artist Rich Mullins and his Ragamuffin Band:

Following a church retreat over the weekend, I read up on Mullins’ unique legacy. Early in life he took a vow of poverty and lived in various destitute communities in the U.S. and abroad. His last residence was a hogan in a remote expanse of the Navajo Nation teaching music to kids.
Another YouTube video from the same concert has Rich sharing his humbling philosophy:

If I want to identify fully with Jesus Christ — who I claim to be my Savior and Lord — the best way that I can do that is to identify with the poor. This I know will go against the teachings of all the popular Evangelical preachers, but they’re just wrong. They’re not bad; they’re just wrong.

Christianity is not about building an absolutely secure little niche in the world where you can live with your perfect little wife and your perfect little children in your beautiful little house where you have no gays or minority groups anywhere near you.

Christianity is about learning to love like Jesus loved and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken.

Thanks for the reminder, Rich.

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April 30th, 2007 by admindude

What a beautiful world it will be,

What a glorious time to be free.

Donald Fagen, IGY (iTunes Link)

Behold, the future that never was. The preview of Disney’s “TomorrowLand” is especially good.

Wow. 1986 is soooooo far away…

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April 28th, 2007 by exurbankevin

Better living through chemistry.

Looks like those ravers are raiding Mum’s medicine cabinet again! From Sky News:

An animal deworming tablet is being touted as the new drug of choice by clubbers. A leading medical expert has told Sky News it can cause heart and brain problems or lead to fits.

Benzyl piperazine was taken by an 18-year-old woman who collapsed in a London nightclub and suffered a seizure.

But she didn’t have worms!

It is considered a legal alternative to other recreational drugs such as Ecstasy – although its unlicensed sale has now been outlawed…

It is being sold under names such as Pep Twisted, Legal E, Nemesis and Euphoria.

Other street names include Bass Bait, Fido’s Revenge and Dean Wormer.

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April 27th, 2007 by admindude

The Life Aquatic.

Since the 90+ degree days have arrived here in the Valley of the Sun, it will soon be time to spend more time in the family pool. But instead of just lounging about on a raft, how about making that water time work for you?

An old friend and one of ExLg’s most loyal ExLg readers is very involved in Arizona Masters Swimming. We don’t have a blogroll here, but I wanted to make a quick plug for the group.

Year-round, AMS hosts meets, social events and clinics all dedicated to swimming. All ages, sizes and abilities are welcome. If you want details, visit their their blog at or call their hotline at (480)365-0037.

And now, back to our regular spleen venting…

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April 26th, 2007 by admindude

Re: “Showtime”

Great. It’s 10:30 at night, and Jon’s got me jonesing for Fogo E Braso now.

Mmmmn, tri-tip…

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April 26th, 2007 by exurbankevin

If we’ve lost, then who won?

A withering response by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.) to Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid’s declaration that “the war is lost” in Iraq.

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April 25th, 2007 by admindude

‘Showtime’ is alive and well… [Updated]

…too bad for the Lakers that “Showtime” left L.A. for Phoenix a couple years ago.

Last night’s game showed the Suns being the Suns. Loose, laughing and quicker than a bunny on meth. They made the Lakers look like the Washington Generals.

And, for the second game in a row, Leandro Barbosa sunk 26 points. The Brazilian Blur was also given the NBA’s Sixth Man Award prior to the perfomance. LB, keep eating your feijoada — we need you to keep that energy for the long haul.

Lastly, thanks to the U.S. Airways Arena cleaning crew. Apparently they had to work overtime cleaning up the shards of Kobe’s ego.

UPDATE (8:38 a.m.):
It’s great fun reading last night’s comments on the LA Times’ Lakers Blog. The posters start out hopeful, but slowly descend into madness. My favorite two posts:


Okay, this is a totally insane rant I’m about to engage in, but I’m going to make it anyways because all of you need to hear it.

According to Quantum Physics all phenomenon affects all phenomenon. The quality and quantity of each phenomenon has a similar affect upon all other phenomenon. Thus, BY BEING NEGATIVE WE ARE IN NO WAY HELPING THE TEAM WE ALL LOVE!






Posted by: Jon Kavulic | April 24, 2007 at 08:30 PM

Swami Jon Kavulic, 12 minutes later…

Screw you, Stoudemire. I’d punch you in the throat if I was at the game.


Posted by: Jon Kavulic | April 24, 2007 at 08:42 PM

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April 25th, 2007 by admindude

Ask a Marketing Genius!

Exurban League is proud to present a new feature to assist the business community. The Marketing Genius is an unemploy is a marketing consultant who will transform your business within a few pithy paragraphs. Enjoy!

Q: I own one of those Water and Ice stores. As you can see from the photo, I’ve had to diversify my offerings from just the H20-based offerings. Ice Cream, Candy, Cigarettes, Magazines, etc., have all helped, but I’m still not making the money I need to keep this place running. Help me Marketing Genius! You’re my only hope!

— Edith “Patches” Himmelfarb, Mesa, Ariz.

A: Patches, Patches, Patches (can I call you Patches?), you really should have contacted me sooner. You see, I am a Marketing Genius who will enhance your ROI, re-envision your paradigm and harmonize your brand portfolio to leverage the proactivity inherent in the solutioning of… Oops, I forgot. You don’t have an MBA.

Let’s simplify, shall we? What is The CoreTM of your business? Water. Ice. Water and Ice. Ice and Water… are you seeing a pattern here?

Your brand is focused on H2O in both its liquid and solid states. But what is missing? Yes… reach for it… that’s right… STEAM! You own water, you ARE water. And who should deliver steam to irons, presses and vaporizers across city? Patches, that’s who! The new CEO of Water, Ice & Steam!

You’re welcome,

Marketing Genius

(Note: You really need to send a letter to “Ask an Engineering Genius” to figure out how to store, dispense and transport the superheated vapor. That’s totally not my skillset.)

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April 24th, 2007 by admindude

Virtual offsets

Want to go Green but don’t wan’t to have your lifestyle interrupted? Well, you’re in good company.

Still, she has no plans to reduce the family’s significant carbon footprint by, say, selling the Manhattan second home. “I’m not a perfect person,” she said. “I’m not the greenest woman in America.” And there was scant indication that other guests, most of whom, presumably, knew their way up the steps of a private jet, were contemplating major lifestyle cutbacks. Glancing about the room, Ms. Barnett said, “We aren’t all going to move to one-bedroom apartments.” . . . She plans to practice conservation, to a point. Energy-saving light bulbs are fine — for the utility closet, perhaps. In other rooms, “they don’t give a very pretty light,” she said.

And if replacing the lights in the maid’s quarters with compact flourescent bulbs is too daunting, there’s always planting a virtual tree:

The company (Dell) is handing out free trees in Second Life. These aren’t just your every day virtual trees, players can configure the speed at which they grow and the trees offer several textures.

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April 22nd, 2007 by exurbankevin

Hello? Is this thing on?

All apologies for my absence of late. I have little excuse outside of not being in a bloggy mood.

As some of you already know, I was recently notified that my division at Honeywell was being eliminated so that a suspiciously similar division could be created in India. I noticed that the HON stock shot up yesterday, so apparently the cutbacks had their desired effect. If I wanted to stay with the company, I could move to the East Coast. Ugh… no thanks.

Despite the feeling of being trapped in a Dilbert strip, Honeywell provided good money, solid experience and fantastic training. Not to mention all the great people I was privileged to work with along the way. So, all in all, not a bad deal.

Thankfully, the Phoenix area job market is en fuego as usual. As a result, I’m getting a few interviews a week and a few solid bites. I’m confident it will turn out well.

So now, with an excess of time, I really need to get back to ExLg. Thanks for your patience and patronage!

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April 21st, 2007 by admindude