Hi Jon, Kevin. I’m Steve

Ok, I am 3 out of 4.

Before I begin, I will warn everyone, I am not an experienced blogger. I am the technical brains behind this organization, but I appreciate a good debate. Unlike my compatriots, I my psyche is scarred from my 16 years in IT with the internal debating “Linux Vs. Window…Do I prefer a pain in the neck or in the a…. uh, never mind”.

As for my sign, I am a Cancer Dog. That could mean, that I am either a harry crab, or a dog with 10 legs. But mostly, it means I am a loyal, brooding, kind hearted soul who refuses to let anything go. If you don’t believe me, check out the Amiga 4000 and other memorabilia in my computer room/home office.

Anyway, this is my first blog entry! I must get back to mourning for Pluto.

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August 31st, 2006 by admindude

Vote for Pluto.

This whole Pluto business is really messing up the astrology industry:

Astronomers have banished Pluto to second-class status. Not so astrologers: They’re sticking up for the celestial body that was the smallest planet in our solar system for 76 years.

“I’m going to continue using it,” said Wall Street’s best-known astrologer, Arch Crawford, who has studied the effect of the planets on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. “They can stick it where the sun don’t shine,” Crawford, 65, added.

I’ve had several people try to guess what sign I was and they are always wrong. When I reveal my sign, they almost all say, “I knew it!” Then why did you guess I was something else?

So what sign am I? Beware my harnessed aggression, immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under my tranquil but watchful composure. I am Scorpio!

And like most Scorpios, I adore full-contact Parcheesi, spend my summers unicycling across the Argentine Pampas, and dissolve into sobs whenever I hear a brisk polka.

Under the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a horse. This, of course, means I’m incontinent.

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August 31st, 2006 by admindude

You know you’re in a soft housing market when…

… you see this on a sign today outside a housing development on Hawes south of Rittenhouse:

“Free car with purchase of selected homes.”

Well, at least they’re not doing the copycat “Free iPod” thing.

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August 31st, 2006 by exurbankevin

Sen. Ted Stevens (R – Pig Sty)

This is remarkable, promising news. Due to the vigilant efforts of the Porkbusters group, including bloggers on both sides of the aisle, a secretive Senator has been “outed” for his anti-transparency and anti-democratic efforts. Of course, the senator’s press flak decides to bash the bloggers in a few parting shots. How dare the people ask their leaders to be accountable!

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August 31st, 2006 by admindude

Technorati Profile Post

Technorati Profile

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August 30th, 2006 by admindude

Hi Jon, I’m Kevin.

Robot roll call…

Yeah, I started posting before I introduced myself. How rude. I also pass gas at inopportune moments and occasionally confuse the dessert fork and the fish fork.  I seem to lack the civility that my fellow Canadians are known for, but on the plus side, I have a lovely singing voice, and I can beat all my blog-mates in trivia. They just don’t know it yet.

Like Jon, I’m in the marketing/design world, having fled there five years from the wide-open spaces of commercial photography. My blogging efforts never received the worldwide acclaim that Jon received. My GodBlog over at Balaam’s, um, Burro was loved by dozens, and my political blog at Pollywogblog was known as a safe refuge from other, more popular blogs. Those last two are now retired, but I will still try to keep up the bizblog over at Organized Individualists in addition to this one, mainly, well, because I’m stubborn. So there.

Yep, definitely lacking in the social graces.

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August 30th, 2006 by exurbankevin

America Generica

Inspired by Kevin’s musings, I also want to consider the problem that is downtown Mesa. I am a resident of this, the 40th largest city in the U.S. and the third largest in the state. I even worked for the City about five years ago where I was given the task of marketing the place. I tried… lawdy, how I tried!

As the amazing Mesa Arts Center was under construction, I participated in several meetings concerning downtown redevelopment. Similar suburban renewal meetings had been going on ever since the US-60 bypassed downtown about 25 years prior. It’s always a tall order to revitalize an out-of-date, inconvenient area, but leaders of all cities must soldier on. Keeping the thinking conventional, Mesa tore up the streets, constructed matching facades for all the buildings, tore up the streets again, added old-timey lampposts and park benches, installed landscaping, then tore up the streets again.

One of their last gambits was to fill the sidewalks with statues of people. The City staff called them “human decoys” since they were intended to fool passers-by that it was somehow enjoyable to walk around the area. In all honesty, there were a few sites to see. The venerable old Milano’s Music store, a phenomenal Mexican restaurant called Mango’s, and a decent antique store or two. But ultimately, too few attractions to make a downtown trip worth the hassle.

During redevelopment meetings, nearly everyone agreed that downtown Mesa had to be more like Mill Avenue in neighboring Tempe. For those unfamiliar with the Valley of the Sun, Mill Ave. is an utterly generic college-town preppy strip. PF Chang’s, Urban Outfitters, Hooters, Borders, brewpubs, bleah, bleah, bleah. The same Starbucked stretch you find anywhere two or more students are lugging messenger bags. But to Mesa, America Generica was the Holy Grail. Let’s try to someday be more like our competition! But a decade late and in a less convenient location! Capital idea, gents!

After hours of paeans to the generic, I finally decided to offer a different vision. Politely, I beseeched the room which was filled with higher pay grades than myself:

The premise of effective branding and marketing is to differentiate oneself from the competition. There’s a lot of talk about Mill Ave. However, Mill Ave. already exists a few miles from here. We need to be the anti-Mill. No chain-owned businesses. Every restaurant, bookstore and shop would be independently owned and operated in this small half-mile strip of Main Street. Charge low rents to students or artists who want to live in the spaces above the shops. As we attract people to Main St. proper, the chains will follow, building around the perimeter of our ‘small-business enterprise zone.’ It’s time Mesa stopped copying our neighbors and got them to copy us for a change! It’s time for Mesa to LEAD.

Silence. Painful, utter, awkward silence.

After the glaring pause, one of the honchos said, “Okay. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a Ruby Tuesday’s on OUR gateway corner?!” Others joined in, “And a Barnes & Noble! My sister said her friend works for B&N. In Logistics or something. I just love that red brick on Mill, too!”

Where there is no vision, the people will perish. And Ruby Tuesday’s will inherit the earth.

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August 30th, 2006 by admindude

Okay everyone, back to work! Zzzzzzzzzz.

When I described my dream job to my high school guidance counselor, he just laughed at me! And now Travelodge has finally appointed a Director of Sleep.

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August 29th, 2006 by admindude

Works every time

Looks like the terrorists in Iraq have found a sure-fire way to cause casualities on our troops.

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August 29th, 2006 by exurbankevin

Hi. I’m Jon.

When my last blogging gig ebbed, I wasn’t sure I would ever return. That site focused on the extremely narrow niche of word of mouth marketing, so I thought the tight focus would render me relevant. But when I left a melting ice cream conglomerate for an ascendant multinational, WOMM was sadly no longer part of my job description. The blogging enterprise was shuttered.


Little did I know how adored I had become as a blogger. Lunch at Sardi’s, Dinner at Le Cirque, breakfast at IHOP (but a really nice IHOP) – it was like Beatlemania combined with the Fall of Saigon combined with a mildly disorienting head cold. I received letter after letter (two total) demanding I resume blogging at once.


Recently, after encouragement and prayer from my confreres, I decided to no longer hide the light of my wisdom under a bushel of ennui. I must again pontificate about mindless crap in the vain hope of getting a link from a slightly more popular blogger. This is what my public demands. And I am but their humble servant.


Great thanks to Team Exurban for setting up this fine enterprise. It’s a group blog created to discuss all sorts of subject matter. You name it, we’ll carry on about it. So check in hourly and eagerly await our dispensed wisdom.

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August 29th, 2006 by admindude